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Are you a business who already has a website? Does that website deliver your business message succinctly and effectively? Websites are potentially complex beasts! Often, businesses have a website that they are not proud of. This can be down to a number of reasons, but most of the time I find that the reasons below come up time & time again.

Some common website pitfalls

  1. The site you currently have is not easy to update, or you / your staff don't understand how to update it.
  2. Your business has changed since your site was launched, but the content has not been updated to reflect that.
  3. You did not explore your business message effectively when writing content for the website.
  4. There are not many call to actions that entice potential customers into engaging with your business.
  5. The “tone of voice” in your content is not suitable for your business.

A better approach

Having a well thought out plan for your website is hugely valuable. 

1. Structure the information about your business and it's services in an organised way. 

Look at how your business works. What are the core services? How do you communicate with your clients? What sets you apart from others?

2. Choose a content management system that allows you to adhere to this structure

Here at You I we focus on using Content Management Systems that are well structured and flexible, allowing a custom configuration for your business.

3. Start with a simple sitemap, in the form of a list of pages and go from there

A sitemap will help you see the site's overall structure, helping you see things simply.

4. Write engaging calls to action in a tone of voice that reflects your business

“Contact Us” just doesn't cut it anymore!

5. No matter how small, write some content for each page early on

I believe in a 'little and often' approach with content. An idea may come to you late at night for a page, write it down!  If you have already started writing, your ideas will come easier to you.

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At You I we take the planning and structure of your website very seriously. It is fundamental to a project's success. Our expertise and experience will help shape those difficult decisions that are faced when complexity inevitably rears its ugly head. Take small steps in planning your website. If you have any questions regarding this, get in touch!

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