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Project launch: JLM Urban Sports

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Announcing the recent launch of - a responsive website for leading UK Parkour agency: JLM Urban Sports.

This site uses a custom coded theme built from the ground up in response to the client's brief. The menu is an off-canvas design meaning that the page slides to the left to reveal a complete list of pages, no matter what device you view the site on. Full size background images show off the fantastic imagery provided by the Athletes. A grid system which accepts text, images and video allows for a flexible content editor experience. 

The site is built using a gulp build system, handling the task running for the following:

  • Compiling of SASS to CSS
  • CSS sourcemaps & minification
  • Linting, concatenation & minification of Javascript
  • Bulk converting images to black & white [gulp-image-grayscale]
  • Serving the site to multiple devices simultaneously whilst developing [browsersync]

The site's design relies on modern web technologies:

  • Flexbox for parts of the layout
  • Inline SVG for icons / logo

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Perch CMS was used to allow the client a fast, easy to use editing experience. Specifically perch helps with these particular features of the site:

  • Branded Email autoresponders and notifications for the site's forms, creating a slick experience for the user and for the client
  • Logging of all form entries to the database
  • Use of the 'blocks' feature in perch, allowing for a very flexible editing experience

Browserstack was used to test the site across various legacy browsers, ensuring a slick user experience.

If you like the design of this site, or any others listed on the homepage, please get in touch.

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