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International Catalogue Raisonnée Association (ICRA)

Both website and members area for art industry association

International Catalogue Raisonnée Association (ICRA)

Website & member platform for arts industry organisation

For ICRA I delivered a number of solutions:

  • Their Logo, brand typeface & colour choices
  • A Statamic CMS-powered website with custom design
  • A Laravel-powered subscription-paid members area

A true full-stack solution!

The ICRA logo was created using Figma illustration software.

ICRA website
My process when designing logos is to generate many ideas to serve as a point of conversation
ICRA website
Use of geometry informed my slices into characters + the illustrated curve


The ICRA website is a bespoke design with a powerful content management system under the hood: Statamic.

ICRA website
The website layout features strong imagery, angular section breaks, and bold typographic style.

Member's Area

New users can sign up from a custom form on the website and in turn then get an account created on the members platform. Membership is vetted by a custom process whereby administrators are able to discuss & approve membership applications. Once approved, the new member is notified and can then choose a plan to subscribe to (whilst setting up payment details), before logging in to browse inside-industry information and converse with peers in a member's forum.

Some features of the member's area:

  • Individual & Team plans (one payment, multiple 'seats')
  • Welcome tour with a guided feature walk-through for new members
  • Forum - with categories, tags and fast search functionality
  • Opt-in email updates on a specific discussion's comments
  • Directory of services - discover art industry service providers from around the world - navigate by category, continent or country
  • Legal panel - section offering legal advice to members
  • Library - members can discover articles + academic papers
ICRA Login page
Here you can see the clean layout of the members' forum

Automating user engagement

Each week an automated Mailchimp campaign is sent, powered by new content on the members platform. This email is designed to match ICRA's branding, and keeps users engaged with the platform.

ICRA's Website